Hi Kathy,

We are soooooo excited to see our new kids!!  Most people probably think we're crazy for giving away a puppy we
loved so much, but what can you do when someone's heart is hurting so much and a puppy like Benji would help
them.  She loves him so much.  She cuddles and kisses him, bakes him cookies, makes him homemade food,
reads him stories, they take daily park plays and they have the farm.  She said he loves to chase the animals and
chickens and he loves her so much.  She said the other day she was in class and her friend puppysat Benji and
they decided to meet up in the park.  She said when she got there and Benji saw her, he jumped straight up in the
air and ran to her and jumped into her arms.  I guess a lady walking her dog saw this and told her she wished
she'd had a camera to catch this heartfelt meeting between the two and that she should cherish every moment with
that beautiful pup.  We love to hear her stories but our hearts were broken after he left.  We let him go because we
knew he would be happy with her and all her animals.  But, we finally got to a place where we said we'll have TWO
puppies and they will be happy together.

We've spent the day making the rounds getting things ready for our new babies.....they are Rocky and Buster!  
Toys, blankets, food, bowls, treats, chew bones.  We got everything replaced except the kennel we had and we
have a small Honda Fit and we'll make them a bed in the back seat.  Benji HATED that kennel.  He cried every time
I put him into it, even though he was so exhausted and wanted to take his nap.  So, we just took it down and he
took his naps in his bed on the floor.  He went to bed at 9:00 and always slept until 4:30.  He cried by my bed to go
out and then he'd come in and go right back to bed.  Don't know if Buster and Rocky will be like that or
not....they're all different.

They are just beautiful pups! Thank you for sending the photos and we'll see you on Wednesday.  We're so
excited to see you again and all the crew.  Thank you also for the discount on our pups.  You are a jewel also.

Thanks for the photos. I couldn't be any happier with her. Not only did she do fantastic on the trip home, she
did even better when she meet our other dogs. She slept through the night and has been a bundle of love
and kisses since.
I appreciate all the Aussie info you included in your packet. I was shocked to see all of the drug sensitivities
the breed could have.  Very scary. I went through the packet and all looks good except, what is the patella's
test? Unfortunately we didn't run into Shelby's brother in ticketing.  We looked all over as we had an hour to
I will email you after she meets our Vet and send you a few photos with her new family.
I'm in love!

Thank you for everything Kathy!!

Thank you so much for everything.  Troy was just unbelievable during our trip.  He was such a good boy.  He
slept on my chest for two hours waiting for our flight out,  then slept on the seat next to me on the airplane.  
We love having him home.  See two pictures I took of him above.
Hi Kathy!
Just thought I'd let you know that my puppy is doing very well! His name is Blue Rodeo (Rodeo for short)! I had
him all over my property and on the docks; he's not afraid of the water! :) Everyone that has met him so far
absolutely loves him! He's so perfect...I couldn't have asked for a better dog! I love him to pieces! :) Thank
you for everything! I will send pictures shortly!
Hi Kathy,
couple of nights ago.  She had just learned how to climb out of the 24” high little pen she has, for night time.  It
is located right beside my bed.  Then last night she actually jumped up to the top of the 24 inches, climbed on
over and jumped down.  I think she definitely has some of Chantilly in her.  She is so darn cute; I just love her to
death…  So far she hasn’t even tried to get out of the day time pen I have for her.  It’s in my front hall way and
she can see me most of the time so she is pretty satisfied being in there and hanging out.  That pen is 32
inches tall.
We’re working on potty training and she is doing real well.
I’ve walked her on a couple of blocks in my immediate neighborhood each day.  She is still taking her little
wiener raccoon with her, though she only carry’s it about half way now.  I’ll send another email or two with those
pictures.  I haven’t figured out how to attach more than one picture at a time to my emails.
When I took her to the vet last Tuesday she weighed 7 pounds.  A week has passed and I imagine she has
gained more.  She is eating real good.
I think she is recognizing her name now and starting to know “cookie” and “go potty”.  She “sits” pretty much
automatically and now also pretty much follows it up with a “down”.  I am totally amazed at how quickly she is
picking things up.  She still wants to chew on everything so I keep my eye on her and often “trade” one of her
toys for one of mine!  She compromises with me real well! Tee hee.
Last evening Ann brought her son and his family over to see Misty.  There were 5 adults here and 3 kids, age
range of kids being 9yrs. to 16 yrs.  I didn’t know how Misty would handle so many people playing with her at
once, but she totally enjoyed them all!  She wasn’t the least bit concerned and went from one to the other.  
They stayed about 20 min. and wanted to take Misty home with them.  I kindly told them no, that Misty was here
to stay!  We all laughed…
Ok,  I’ll see if I can get some other pictures off to you.  

Hi again,  Misty didn’t seem at all fazed by the vacuum cleaner.  At first I sat it away from her so she could just
look at it from her pen, then I turned it on and she just listened to it, then I started moving it and eventually I got
it to within 2 feet of her pen and it seemed that she was saying to me, “so what’s the big deal, am I supposed to
be scared of a vacuum?  Well,  I’m not!”    Carole
Hi Kathy,
Shelbie has been home only a few weeks, and she is amazing.  She is hilarious, and mischievous, and loving (and
did I say mischievous???).  We all have chapped lips from the continuous puppy kisses.  Still acclimating with our
other two dogs, but they are finding their way.  We have a trainer at our house once a week, and Shelbie is a star
student.  Colton (our son) is in charge of that and they both are learning.  Crate training is going well, and she is a
great addition to our family.  Cats are still bigger than her, but she won’t stop eating or drinking, so we are waiting for
a growth spurt.
Just wanted to say thanks, and let you know Shelbie is in a loving, happy , fulfilled home.  Thanks again and God
Jeffery M. Yates, CPA
"Kathy Tomerlin Breeder of BoldHeart MiniAussies does everything right.
One of my clients purchased "Coco" from her. I have had the privilege of working with Coco
since she was about 12 weeks old. This is what I have discovered:
She has beauty and brains.
Her structure is lovely. She is a perfect size - not too small - not too tall - but just right. :-)
Coco is a joy to work with - happy, intelligent, curious, and a fast learner.
As a Cognitive Animal Behaviorist, Whisperer, and agility dog trainer, I am excited to
have found a breeder who "gets it." Kathy understands what it takes to create a wonderful loving
and a performance dog.
Keep up the good work!"

Krista Cantrell M.A.
Cognitive Animal Behaviorist
Dog Agility Instructor and Competitor
Qigong Practitioner
***Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right: How to train any dog in five minutes a day (published by
Penguin Putnam Inc and the Lyons     Press),
***Housetrain Your Dog Now (published by Penguin Putnam Inc.), and
***Tao of Puppies: How to raise a good dog without really trying (published by the Lyons Press).
p.s. I have two of your other puppies in my "puppy class" right now.
Thanks for sending them my way.
Of course they are wonderful dogs to work with - they come from you! :-)
Hi Kathy,
Just thought I'd give you an update on this beautiful and brilliant puppy you sold us. We are so thrilled with him and
he is part of our family.
We thought he would shed his coat, but no it's there to stay:)
He has started Obedience school and already graduated to the 2nd level. He can occasionally catch a Frisbee and
loves the Chuck It.
It looks like I will need to get him neutered very soon due to the daycare and boarding place that says he is getting
to be a "big boy" with the other dogs.

Hi Kathy
I'm so excited ! he is showing so much ability in getting up on things. we have to watch him carefully to make sure he
doesn't get up to high so he doesn't jump down and get hurt since he thinks he is Super Puppy ! we also call him our
"little mountain goat". so I will be getting us into agility. he already knows so many commands and is having a blast
playing with our other Aussie (standard/full size puppy)Lucas, who is only 2 days younger than Micah. They bonded
right away,constantly play,share toys and even at times sleep together.
Thank you for what you do.
Jenice Gilliland
Hi Kathy, I've been meaning to send you some pics of Finley for weeks now!! He is doing great! He is such a little
character. Everywhere we go people just love him --and he absolutely loves meeting people. We took him to a
spring festival yesterday and we could barely walk a few steps without someone coming up to us asking to pet him,
and saying how gorgeous he is.

We're about to finish up puppy kindergarten and on to beginner obedience. He is very quick to learn like most
Aussies and I think as he gets older I'll try some Agility classes w- him. He's such a high jumper and he's getting
really fast! We love him soooooo much, and our other dogs have accepted him right into the pack. Well, accept
for Teak, our male, I'd say tolerate is more the word. I think it's the male dominance thing. Finley and Ruby
roughhouse all day & Teak isn't quite so into that. Teak likes to chase Finley around more when they play. It's
quite a riot to watch the 3 on a play spree together   
At Finleys last vet app about 2 weeks ago he weighed almost 15 lbs at 4 months old. He is and will be the perfect
size. Still small enough to pick up and carry, but big enough to give the adult dogs a run for their money   He is
just the best!!! So loving, but feisty all in one package. We are so incredibly happy with him. Oh, and his markings
have become a bit more pronounced and he is just gorgeous.
Hi Jenice!  It was great to hear from you.   I agree 100% that Kathy is an awesome breeder!          I commend for her
commitment and support everyone.  SHE CARES ABOUT PUPPIES!

My puppy's name is Shyla.  My fiancée and I love to go hiking in the mountains.  Shyla defines "mountain daughter" so we
decided to name her.   Some friends said she looks like a Panda   She has beautiful eyes that attracts people. She is
amazing and energetic.   She also considers like an athlete.  She weighs 7.7 pounds.  She roams around my house and she
has a beautiful jump.  After her vaccinated shots,  I will take her to Obedience training then agility so she can enjoy
running:))).   She picked up some sign language words and she sleeps with me.  She wakes me up when she needs potty.  I
am going to send you some pictures in a few min.  

Please send me a picture of Micah.  Bet he is handsome!

Look forward to hearing from you:)

God bless you!


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On Feb 18, 2014, at 8:22 AM, Jenice Gilliland
> I was told you wanted to stay in contact with owners of sibling puppies. We were picking up and leaving with our male puppy
Micah as you were arriving.  You came up to our truck and met him briefly. I think it's just wonderful that you got a sibling who
will be your assistant service dog ! Micah will be my service dog as well. I need him to be a medical alert dog for my
conditions. I have one now but she is 4 years old and need to start training Micah just in case I need him when she retires.
> What did you name your puppy?
> I will send you a picture of Micah.
> He is already grown to 9.3 lbs.
> he loves food! He has learned to come sit, and wait. Plays fetch and gives the tiniest kisses. He sleeps in our bed behind
my pillow. Wakes me when he needs to go potty. Kathy did a great job at house breaking these pups!
> Let me know how your puppy is doing and hopefully you can send a picture.
> It was nice meeting you at Kathy's.
> hope you are enjoying all the love your puppy has to give.
> Sincerely
> Jenice
> Jenice's Dog Walking
Hi Kathy,

I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile. I've been very busy. Patriot passed his basic training a week early! He's very
smart! He starts his advanced training on may 11th and after that 5 week session, he will begin his service training.
His trainer and I are very excited about this! He's doing so well and is so well behaved!

Here's a pic I took today. Jenny just woke up from a nap and he jumped up and laid right by her. He loves her so
much. Thank you for bringing this amazing dog into my baby's life.

Meghan Sanborn
Attaching some pics of Jessie. In the one, notice how she went to sleep with her gator in her mouth. She crashes like this
hanging onto whatever she was playing with at the time.

She went on a trip today - didn't have to work, so we went to see daddy at work. She handled the trip just fine, drooling
slightly at the end. It was about 40 miles one way. When we got there, my husband, Jimmy, was running the big squeeze
because a semi of alfalfa had just come in. It's huge and noisy, yet she stood there next to me watching until he was
done, then he walked towards us and squatted down about 20 feet away. I let go of the leash and she ran to him and

She met a couple other people, the guy who owns the place, and then my friend that you met stopped in to see her. She
picked her up and cuddled her and was rewarded with puppy kisses.

We sat in front of the big shop in the shade and talked, then Jimmy was using a grinder inside and you know the racket
those things make, the high-pitched grinding noise. She didn't even react. I brought her lunch for her and she ate and
drank, walked nicely on the leash, though I haven't really worked with her on it. When she met with resistance, she gave
to it, simple as that.

Then back into her crate and came home and she slept the whole way, no crying, didn't get sick. I got her out at home
and she knew where she was and she ran and romped out in the front yard.

This is a rock solid, sweet little girl. I'm so glad I stuck out the rough spots. I can't imagine not having her now. :-)

Hi Kathy,

Took these pics of Jessie yesterday afternoon. Forgive the backgrounds, was just trying to catch conformation shots.
She's pretty nice, actually. If I have to knock her, it's the lack of copper eyebrows. She's getting some as her adult coat
comes in, but I doubt she'll ever have full eyebrows. She has a lovely trot. Last week at the vet she was 14.7 pounds.
She is 14" tall as of today. If she goes a little over, no biggie. I just didn't want a 50-pound dog. She is rapidly growing
into her bone, though, so I don't think she'll go much over. Not that all that matters to me. Her personality is what counts.
She is truly delightful.

We didn't go to the mountains because of Odile. We did take her for a ride in the Polaris. I thought she might be scared.
Heck no! She thought it was fun, sitting between us on the seat, wind blowing in her face, lots of good smells. She also
was fascinated by the range cattle we came across. She wasn't even scared when we did some practice shooting. She
has thoroughly endeared herself to my husband because she's such a bold girl, afraid of nothing, so outgoing. That and
she goes absolutely stupid over him when he gets home from work, when he first gets up in the morning. She even
follows him to the bathroom - I told him to consider himself special if an aussie does that! She starts watching for "daddy"
about an hour before he's due home.

Anyway, she is a lot of fun. She accompanies me all over the property and goes whenever she can in the truck. Very
neat little girl.

Hi Kathy -

I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing Jessie this, Jessie that, but I just had to share Jessie's first big city adventure
yesterday. We both had yesterday off work, so decided to go to Sierra Vista. Hubby said let's take Jess. So off we went
for the hour-long trip. She was fine with that, of course, since she loves to go in the truck. We first went to PetSmart. She
walked across the parking lot and into the store like she owned the place. There were lots of people in there, lots of kids,
lots of noise, hectic. She submissive peed for the first couple people, but after that was fine and loved all the attention
and enjoyed the toy isle. I went in for a couple things and came out nearly $100 poorer!

Then it was on to Cal-Ranch. Jessie must have figured out that stores are neat because she turned on the charm and
was the life of the party. She strutted her stuff on the leash beside me, total confidence, no fear whatsoever. Any person
she saw she wiggled, whether they looked at her or not, though most did. They couldn't keep their hands off her, much to
her delight. She got petted by little kids, one of which was little enough he was in the cart, but wanted to pet her. Hubby
lifted her up so he could touch her and she gave him a soft puppy kiss on his hand. She is absolutely wonderful with
children, despite the fact I have had no ability to socialize her with kids. She chose herself a long, super soft stuffing-less
toy that is supposed to be a squirrel but looks more like a skinned fox.

Then we went on to Tractor Supply. By this time Jess is having the time of her life and hopped out of the truck herself
and marched into the store like there was a red carpet laid out just for her. Once again, she attracted all kinds of
attention, getting oogled over at what a lovely dog she is. When I would stop and look at things, she would sit or lie
quietly beside me. She didn't pull on the leash, except when she'd see daddy and wanted to get to him. When we went to
check out, she was beside and slightly behind me and since no one was behind me, I wasn't paying any attention to her
for a sec. I glanced back to look at her and here was this little girl of no more than 3 or 4 hugging on her. Of course, the
mom just about had a fit, but it was clear that puppy and kid were fine. Jessie was wiggling and the little girl was in puppy
heaven. It's amazing that Jess seems to understand that she needs to be gentle with little kids.

Then back to the truck for the drive home and Jessie slept off her big day.

You know, Kathy, I couldn't have imagined how delightful that little black ball of fluff would be that day in July when I
chose her. She handles stuff better than I could have ever imagined - or hoped for. Yesterday was a totally new
experience for her. I figured she'd handle it okay, but I didn't think she would love it. She was afraid of nothing. She
handled everything like she'd done it a hundred times before. No fear of all the people, commotion, shopping carts, huge
stores, automatic doors, etc. She happily poked through the toy and treat bins, but otherwise left items on the shelves
alone. No excess excitement, no panting, no whining, no fussing. It was just like she knew she was beautiful and
everyone should look at her. She showed herself off like she was in a show ring, showing off her lovely trot, yet never
pulling, total charisma. I bet no less than 50 people touched her. I know she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even
though everything was totally new to her. I've taken lots of dogs into places in the past, but never has one attracted the
attention that we did yesterday.

This little girl is the whole package - she's absolutely lovely and gets prettier by the day and she has the exact
temperament I was looking for, confident, no fear, no weird stuff. I wanted a dog that was my companion, my barn buddy,
one I could take anywhere, one that was smart and could figure things out. She's definitely it. She had some big paws to
fill coming into my life so soon after my beloved old man, but she has earned her spot in our hearts along with him.

This is an amazing dog, thank you so much for her. :-)
PS - I will get you some new pics soon.
Hi Kathy,

Well you've done such a fantastic job of breeding and raising our Majic!  Here are 3 photos of him in our yard having
some fun!  I hope you like them, and of course feel free to use any for the website should you wish to.

Today we took him to the vet for his exam and next round of shots....he was a real brave fellow and the tech
apologized for taking so long to bring him back as he wanted to show him to all the staff. Wow...Majic is so
captivating when people see him. We feel like we are parents of a "movie star". No joke!!!!

He has been the center of attention everywhere we've gone, starting at the Phoenix airport!  Even the TSA folks
were coming around to ooh and aah at this boy!  At the departure gate we were mobbed by lots of people, and Majic
was a cool customer the whole time.  He was great when I put him in his carrier, he cried just a couple of times, but
by the time he was under the seat and all zipped up, he was quiet and good.

Yesterday we took him to Petco and the grocery store....two girls actually stopped their car as we were crossing the
street and asked to pet him!  We've had numerous requests to tak a photo of him, and he's a great poser!
Everywhere we've taken him, we've been stopped by people wanting to pet him. In fact, there was a Middle Eastern
woman who said she had never touched a dog before, but she petted Majic and kept saying how amazingly good
looking he was.

He is doing very well with housebreaking, he now goes out to the yard on his own and does his business without me
taking him out there, but of course we're still pretty vigilant too. He is filled with puppy energy and makes us laugh at
his every jump, run and toy playing. Boy, can he shake them up with is head tossing!!! Love it!!!

So our first few days have been all we could have asked for and more!  He's a little speed demon too, and has a
BRIGHT future ahead of him.

In short, thank you SO MUCH for this boy!  We have told everyone about you and all your beautiful dogs!  If you
want to send over a coupla business cards, we'll pass them out for you!  We'll keep our eyes on your website as we
love to see the pups as they grow....maybe another for us in the future. YEAH!!! You are just the best breeder
ever!!!! Majic's temperment is AMAZING!!! When we hold him and people want to pet and coo, Majic is the perfect
puppy...he lets everyone pet him, and even gives them an occasional lick!! What a doggie he is and we are so lucky
to have chosen the perfect puppy!!! Everybody wants him, but he is OURS!!!!

All the best,
John & JoAnn Barrett
Dear Kathy,

Thank you for having Mike and I out to visit your amazing dogs.  I was impressed by the quality of your animals and your care for them at every level.  As I
told you, I am grateful for what you do.  It allows people like us to have the opportunity to own a Boldheart puppy.

We have all heard the arguments why everyone should adopt a dog from a shelter.  What those arguments leave out is that breeders like you are creating
dogs that are truly better.  Your dogs are bred to be companions and to improve the lives of human beings.  Thank you for all your years of work and all
the love that you put into your dogs.

The first thing that Mike and I said on our way home is how glad we were that we made the trip and met you.  This puppy is going to be an integral part of
our family.  We want a puppy that will be able to do everything with us.  Meeting you and seeing your dogs gave us great confidence that a Boldheart
puppy will be an amazing addition to our family.

We very much appreciate your making time for us to visit.   Also, thank you for putting our name on one of the black tri girls.  They appear to be closest to
my ideal appearance in a dog.  Mike suggested that I attempt to tell you in writing the attributes that I am looking for in a dog, since that way you can be
looking for what I want as the puppies develop.  I find the process of choosing a puppy to be very intimidating, mostly because it is so important to me.  It
is hard for me to explain what I want regarding appearance and I want to get the ideal dog (even if I have to wait) because I will be putting my heart and
soul into this animal.

As we discussed, I want a happy, outgoing, loving, intelligent, trainable, dog that wants to please.  Having met your dogs, I think every Boldheart dog will
have these characteristics.  As far as physical appearance, my focus is on facial markings.  I really like the dogs that have a blaze down their face and
darker color around their eyes.  If possible, I like blue eyes.  I also prefer blue merles and the tris that are primarily black and white, rather than having a lot
of brown on their faces.  I thought your husband's older dog that came to greet us was beautiful and I really liked the male that you said was a standard,
rather than a miniature.  I also really like Tiger's markings, though I preferred the build of the other two males I mentioned.  It seems like I may be saying
that when I actually saw the dogs, I chose larger dogs.  It also looks like I am choosing males, though this may be just be a coincidence and I am happy
with either a male or a female.  There were a number of other dogs that I thought were really beautiful.  It is just harder for me to remember their names
and identify them to you.
I don't know if the description I just gave is truly helpful.  I am happy to answer any questions and am open to any advice you may have.   
Yours truly,

Dear Kathy,
You may absolutely use what I wrote on your website. In addition, if it turns out that you post what I wrote on your website and someone asks to talk to me
about my experience, I would be happy to talk with them.  
I am so excited about this puppy.  I keep looking at your website, to the point that I timed it so that I was actually on the site as the new pictures were being
posted.  Beyond what you do with your dogs, you do a lot of work, like posting pictures and keeping the website updated, that makes this a wonderful
experience for people.  
I am reading The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete, which is giving me even more appreciation for the things I saw you do while we
were visiting.  It is an honor to be getting a puppy from you and we are delighted to have met you and to have the experience of working with you to help
us get the ideal puppy for us.
I am thrilled that we will have one of your babies in our home.  It is a great gift.


Dear Kathy,

I wanted to send you an update on Bodhi.  First, I want you to know that  Mike and I are both thrilled to have her in our lives.  She brings joy every single
She has already learned “sit”, “down”, “front” (come and sit in front of me), “touch” (come and touch my hand), and is starting to walk on a loose leash for
short periods and to stay while I move away a few steps.  While she has lots of energy, she is able to sit quietly and wait for a treat or let me put on, or
take off, the leash.
She went to her first puppy kindergarten class on Tuesday and she really enjoyed a puppy agility course that they have as part of the class.  She is
wonderful about being handled - I am conscientious about touching her paws, tummy, ears, looking at her teeth, etc.  The puppy kindergarten instructor is
quite pleased with her and thinks she has a lot of potential, in terms of her drive, her disposition, and her athletic ability.  Our older dog just finished his
Canine Good Citizen training with her and is working on a Therapy Dog International registration.  I know she sees Bodhi as doing these things as well as
being a great candidate for agility.
Basically, Bodhi is smart, loving, giving, and wants to please.  I am honored to have the opportunity to interact and work with this wonderful being.
I am attaching a picture of Bodhi and Doodle, enjoying the sunshine in our back yard.

Thank you for breeding this incredible animal.


Hey Kathy:

It's been a LONG 4 days but Xena is adapting well to her new environment and family and we are adjusting to life
with a puppy. Potty training is going quite well as she knew immediately how to use her doggie door so she comes
and goes as she pleases; although we still have to walk her out and encourage her to 'go Pee Pee'; then gets a
'good girl' and a treat when she does. Since she started sleeping with us right away, Steve gets up with her about
twice during the night as we did with Gizmo until he was able to go through the night w/o having to get up and go
potty. Xena slept in the middle of us the first two nights then decided that she preferred to stretch out and sleep at
the foot of our bed. My only concern about that was with the high bed we have and her being so little that she would
try and jump off during the night and get hurt; but she learned quickly that she needs to stay put until she gets older
and can jump on/off the bed by herself. We are amazed at how quickly she learns and how calm she is. My sister
said that for being a puppy, she has an 'old soul' which sums her up!

Introduced Xena to the pool on Saturday. She has been curious and since we are 'Grandfathered' in and do not
require our pool area be fenced in, we want her to know where the steps are so that she knows where to go and can
get out. It went ok, we took things slow as we didn't want to scare her. Sat with her on the pool step so she could get
used to the water, then held her in the water to make sure her little paws started to move like she was swimming and
then Steve took her half way and I stayed on the steps and called her. She did well but that was enough for one day.

Her wellness checkup on Friday with Dr. Kip Metzger went well. She weighs a whopping 9 pounds!!! Attached is what
we have to date from our Vet. We won't have Xena's health assessment on the doc's letter head until later this week
when he returns from vacation. We'll email you that document no later than Friday, 9/5.

When you get a chance, could you please email me the pictures that I requested of Xena's Mom & Dad?

As I'm typing this, Xena is laying between Steve and I in the office and napping. She tends to fall asleep knowing that
we are right here, but if either one of us moves or walks away she wakes up and wants to stick by us..............we
should have named her 'Velcro'. LOL. We are hoping that she will start to relax a bit as she needs those puppy
naps. Any suggestions?  

Would you like us to send pictures and updated information on Xena so you can post to your website. We've read
some of the testimonials and would also like to share our story.

We are also considering getting another Mini once Xena gets a bit older as we feel that it would be good for her to
have a playmate. This wouldn't be until she is fully potty trained and can navigate the house and yard without
supervision. This time for sure a 'little' tri-color boy.

Got to go for now. Hope all is well and the puppies are thriving.


Dear Kathy:
Just a little update on my 'girls'.  All is well here.  Melody is my shadow, and is just a dear.   She's in good shape, and
very active.  This morning we were playing 'fetch', and Melody and Flora Dora had the best time.  She's taught Flora
Dora a few tricks re hiding toys, etc.  Their personalities are very different; yet, they are very close.   She is very
happy; and I can assure you Mellie is having a good life.

It's been too hot for walks, so it's mostly back yard play until we go below the triple digit phase.  They get a lot of
exercise that way.  Our mornings include daily currying; and yesterday they had their monthly bath and  and formal
grooming over at Joan's house.  Car trips are their special joy, so we look for destinations where dogs are welcome.  
I'm keeping both on grain free Bison diets plus the daily yogurt and brewer's yeast tablets.

Thank you again for Melody and Flora Dora.   I've had many pets in my life....none came close to these two.  Aussies
are the Best..And especially Boldheart Minis!,,,,extreme gratitude going your way.
P. S.:  Congratulations on all the new Awards!

Hi Kathy:

It made me so happy to see you with Melody.  She was one joyful little dog when she saw you.
She is such a gift in my life, I will be forever thankful to you.
Best ever,
My puppy looks so pretty and sound that I thought it might be fun to show him.   If I decide not to show him I will be
neutering him at about a year of age once most of his growing is done.  But will neuter him after if I take him to his
CH.  I will be more than happy to sign any contract or papers that guarantees you that I promise this.

I wish only experts like you were allowed to breed!!  I was so impressed with the puppy package and e-book you took
the time to email me...wow it was great!!!  In spite of all the experience I have I still learned something!!!

I would like to give you a little of my background so you can feel at ease with me owning one of your outstanding
puppies (I have already referred a friend to you)!

I grew up with dogs and horses then at the age of 26 I started working with/for a Professional Dog Show
Handler/Breeder.  I managed her farm and kennel when she was on long trips and when she showed locally I was
her assistant with all aspects of showing from start to finish.  I soon started training and showing some of her friends
dogs.  And from there I started helping with the whelping and training of other kennels as well.
My last dog I had the pleasure of showing him to his CH and friends dogs was able to put points on and one I was
thrilled to place 2nd in Group on her...so it has been pretty amazing journey. One I have enjoyed every step of the
way!!  When I stopped showing I have adopted, rescued, and fostered traumatized dogs and a horse with lots of
love, gentleness and PATIENCE which was an incredible honor and rewarding beyond measure!!!

I have to tell you Kathy, of all the breeders I have known,  you are hands down the best breeder out there.  I have
never seen anyone invest as much as you do in your breeding program and litters.  You are amazing and I feel
honored to be a part of the Boldheart family!!!

Thanks Much For Everything,
Hi! We finally decided on a name which is Waverly, it means quaking aspen tree meadow and her fur reminds me of
Aspen trees! We call her Wavy Baby and she is very loved. She is smart, attentive, and spunky. She loves to wrestle
with our standard red merle and she gives him plenty of exercise haha. She is UTD with shots and she will be
starting puppy classes at Persmart next friday! I'll be sure to send you a picture of her when she completes the
puppy class. Thank you for allowing us to give her a home sweet home, she is perfect for us and we adore her :D

My little pup is doing great.  We had a vet check on Tuesday and got our next shots scheduled.  Housebreaking is
going incredibly well. "Daisy" has shown no interest in the litter box with the pellets so I have removed it, which is a
good thing.  After the first night in a crate with me beside the crate -a very uncomfortable night, she now sleeps
through the night in bed with me - no messes- so nights are very easy.  As long as I am constantly vigilant about
carrying her out, particularly after naps and feeding, she goes in her little pen outside almost the moment I set her
down.  I did not buy any of the pee pads for her as I have never had success with those.  I did buy several cheap,
small bath mats at Dollar General and covered my carpet areas with those.  Sure enough, any accidents have been
on one of those pads which I can easily hose off and dry.  The mats plus the small pen outside have worked really
well for me as she has rarely messed inside.

Because I am in an RV park, Daisy has met many new people who, of course, think she is adorable.  She is very
friendly and outgoing, even runs up to strangers to be petted.

Thanks for raising such a healthy, happy and secure little pup.

Eileen Allen
Hi Kathy -

Thought I'd share these recent pics of Jess taken in March. Not a bad lookin' girl! She is 18" tall and not sure on weight, maybe 35 pounds or so. I still
can't seem to get a really good pic of her face. She's much cuter than the face pic shows. People know she's an aussie for sure. I've had a couple
comments on her small size, because even though she's at the top end of the mini scale, she's small as aussies go. I just grin to myself and say
nothing. I used to think she looked more like her mom, but now maybe more like dad?

I take her to hubby's work almost every week. This past Saturday we hit the jackpot and she got to love on a couple little kids - one little guy in diapers
and cowboy boots - so cute! She knew to be gentle and went up to him and let him pet her. Everyone who came in petted her. She definitely has not
met a stranger yet. She loves everyone. Literally. Doesn't matter size, shape, clothing, age, race, gender, she loves everyone. She sees a person
and her butt wiggles so hard I swear she's gonna break it off.  

Jess and hubby - hard to believe they had such a rocky start. She is a total, complete daddy's girl. In all honesty, I can't tell which of us she truly
prefers. As soon as his truck shuts off every night when he gets home, I open the front door and let her go see him. She's just this black streak out
the door and pretty much launches herself at him, making her "daddy's home" noises. And then once in the house, she jumps on the couch and
hangs over the back. He mauls on her and then stands just out of reach as she's doing her best to give him kisses. She usually gets in a few good
ones. He asks her if she's "a baaaad ol' doggie" and she goes nuts. She's developing a pretty good grin - she does it mostly when we call her to us.
She lifts the left side of her mouth and wrinkles up her nose, goofy thing.

She has turned into an awesome dog. She's gone from being a playful puppy, to now a still playful, but very calm adolescent who is a wonderful
companion to me, in, out or on the go. The older she gets, the more I love her. I don't leave her loose in the house if we're not home, but otherwise
she has total unrestricted run of the house and she never bothers anything. She has decided that she's a princess and needs to sleep on the couch.

She did come into heat a couple weeks ago and is now pretty much out. So I'll be getting her spayed June-ish.

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: Thank you so much for this special little girl. When I contacted you last summer, I was pretty specific about
what I wanted in a dog - and things I absolutely did not want. Jessie has fulfilled all my expectations along with some traits that are uniquely her.


Kathy, we see that you are such an amazing breeder and we feel so blessed and live for Jazzy & Shyla for many special
reasons.  They are well trained as our service dogs.   They are so bonded and know we are Deaf. They respond
very well to our ASL (sign language) command.  They  are so affectionate with hugs and kisses daily.  They are our
wonderful hiking companions and love car rides.  "Never a dull moment with these two precious girls"  They are so
affectionate with hugs & kisses daily.  Always melt our hearts with full love!!
Our babies make our lives complete. ❤️��❤️��❤️
Jazzy, Darrell, Letha & Shyla
Hello Kathy!

Carrie and I wanted to thank you so much for our puppy.  We decided to name him Koda, partly because he looks
like a little bear, but it also means friend which is very fitting.  He is such a good boy, He is so sweet and loving.  Our
other dog Lexi LOVES him.  She loves to be chased and Koda loves to chase her.  They are already best friends.  
We could not believe how well you potty trained him too.  He is perfect and we love him.  

Thank you again!

Nathan & Carrie
Hi Kathy,

Omg! This is at our vet visit day 1. Shasta wow'd the vet and vet tech cuz he is so amazing! You weren't kidding that
you basically bread the perfect puppy! Because we've just bought and moved into a new home on 4 acres, there's a
ton of activity getting our new home up and running, with workers and friends coming by. He is so happy and well
adjusted, and has already learned the sit, come, and down command. We are working on Stay! Wow! Shasta is
already the light of our lives!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Oh and he is doing awesome with his crate
at night, and has only had 2 accidents which were totally our fault. Haha! He is incredible at the pee pee.

I will send you more pics! Xoxo

Sue and Stephen
Dear Kathy:

This is just a note to let you know that Melody is in great shape; and peppy as ever.  She and Flora Dora are a
wonderful pair; and F/D let's me know where Melody is whenever I ask, since Melody loves to make little hidey-holes
for herself.
I feel so privileged to have one of your older dogs.  She is so beautifully trained in every way and best of all a
loving, and, natural teacher to Flora Dora who came from your kennel when she was a tiny puppy.
You sure have bred marvelous companions.
Thank you!
This note is long over due!!  Thank you so much for our sweet puppy.. now named Remington..(Remi).. we are so in
love with him and I truly cant thank you enough for your generosity!  Remi has been very busy here on the ranch...
daily chores.. riding in the ranger cleaning up the arena.. picture enclosed.. also he had a great 1st Christmas..  
picture.  I am more than grateful for this sweet puppy!  I'm so bad at getting notes sent out these days.. please know
you did a very sweet thing and we love him very much!  All the best to you.. Laura. Will do better with keeping you
updated with pictures!